Volunteering roles at Totley CRIC

Volunteers have run Totley Library since the end of September 2014. We have built up a team of over 100 volunteers who are responsible for all sorts of roles including the day to day running of the library. These include fundraising, hospitality, events, gardening, more organisational roles and our Board of Trustees.

We are very sorry but due to safeguarding issues and the impact on volunteer management time we are unable to offer either short or long term placements for under 16s.

Library Roles

Book Assistant – No Library Management System (LMS) training. Duties include re-shelving books, finding books to go on the “reserved” customer shelf, answering customer enquiries, helping customers use the RFID (automatic checkout) machines.

Shift Assistant – Same as a Book Assistant but they also use LMS (full training provided). Additional duties include working on the library desk, using the LMS to assist customers (reserving/issuing books, booking computer sessions, paying fines, renting DVDs) and helping customers use the computers and internet.

Shift Leader – Has overall responsibility for the library during their shift and a good knowledge of LMS is needed. They are responsible for opening/closing the library, using the LMS to help customers, handling cash received, supervising the other volunteers and for contacting the Day Co-ordinator with any issues.

Day Co-ordinator – Once a Day Co-ordinator has signed up for a certain day, they are responsible for making sure that all shifts on that day are adequately staffed by volunteers (though they themselves are not expected to work in the library on the day they are co-ordinating). They must also remain contactable throughout that day in case any problems arise, and they report directly to the Totley CRIC committee.

Supporting Roles

Cleaning Team – Recently in the library an elderly gentleman was overheard to say “Since the library was taken over by volunteers it has been so lovely, clean and tidy”. There you have it – cleaning is not a thankless task. It is really important. Could you give a few hours a week and join the team? People from all walks of life have opted for this task. You can see where you have been!

Gardeners – The gardening team is led by Fiona Smith. If you enjoy gardening or want to give it a try come and join us. People tend to take responsibility for a specific task. We have a well established planting scheme and have added a lot of colour to the borders to keep the library garden bright and cheery.

Marketing and Publicity – ​Perhaps you have experience using social media or enjoy writing. Working with the trustees could you:
– Help to update our Facebook page
– Write bi-monthly articles for local magazines 
– Produce our quarterly printed newsletter 

Baking- Our tea and cakes are very popular and we need more bakers. Could you join the group of people who bake cakes and donate them to the library? You can do this from the comfort of your home! It helps us to raise money to keep the library open.​

Cinema Club – Technician – ​Firstly, we need a couple more people to be technicians operating our up-to- date equipment. Training will be provided. Currently there are three sessions once a month so it is not a big draw on your time especially if sessions are shared out.

Cinema – Front of House
Secondly, we need volunteers to support the film sessions generally. Sessions are monthly, one for adults, one for children and Thursday afternoons.

If you think you could help with any of these roles, please contact us using this form.