Search the Orange Sticker Catalogue

The Totley Orange Sticker scheme has been implemented to enhance our book stock for the benefit of our customers, in the face of declining stock from Sheffield City Libraries. 
Some of the books are donations, for which we are very grateful, and others are books that we have purchased ourselves.
New software has enabled us to offer improvements to the scheme and some of the recent changes are outlined below

Online Catalogue
You can now search the Totley Orange Sticker catalogue from your home.
You can find out if the book is available to loan but you cannot currently reserve a book online.

Reserving an Orange Sticker Book
You are now able to place a reservation for any Orange Sticker book by visiting the library.  When the book is returned, your reservation will be flagged up and the book placed on the Reader’s Request Shelf.  We cannot currently email you automatically to say that the book is available, but you will be emailed or phoned by a library volunteer.

Emailing about Overdue Books
We are now able to email you automatically to say that Orange Sticker books are overdue. The first reminder will be sent when the book is 1 day overdue, and a further reminder after 2 weeks.  If books are seriously overdue the user may be blocked, and lost books will be charged in line with the SCC policy on lost books.
We cannot currently send an email to warn you that a book is due back shortly, as happens with SCC books.

‘Sticker’ Books at Other Libraries
Some other libraries have their own ‘sticker’ system and their catalogues can be accessed online in the same way as Totley’s.  The participating libraries are Greenhill, Stannington, and Walkley. Simply replace Totley with another library name to access their catalogue.
You can borrow ‘sticker’ books from other libraries on your library card but you will have to register on their scheme and collect and return the book at the host library.