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Since October 2014 Totley Library has been managed by a community charity, “Totley Community Resource and Information Centre” and entirely run by local volunteers. The services offered at Totley Library haven’t changed. Anyone with a Sheffield library card can still use the library to borrow, return and reserve books, use the computers, have internet access, and everyone can enjoy a wide variety of community groups and activities. 

Running Totley Library costs over £24,000 per year and the grant we receive from Sheffield City Council has been reduced significantly in recent years. In 2016, to help keep Totley Library open, we launched the Totley Library lottery and it is been a big success, with over £8000 already given out in prize money. By playing in this local lottery, you can help support the library and, if your luck’s in, you can win cash prizes! Each month, 25% of all income will be allocated as the prize fund. All of the remaining 75% will go straight to library funds.

Win Cash Prizes!

For each monthly draw, 25% of the ticket income will be given as prizes. This is the monthly prize fund.

Each month there will be two prizes. The first prize will be 20% of the ticket income and the second prize will be 5% of the ticket income. Example cash prizes based on monthly ticket income:

Monthly ticket income
First Prize
Second Prize


Here’s How It Works
Lottery numbers each cost £1 per month. If you pay just £1 per month you get one number, if you pay £3 per month you get three numbers, for £5 per month you get five, and so on. You keep the numbers you are given for as long as you wish to be in the lottery.

You pay each month by standing order. If you want to buy more numbers or cancel your numbers, you simply amend or cancel your standing order.

The monthly draw takes place on the last Friday of each month, at Totley Library. Winning tickets are drawn by a member of the public using the library, in full view of all other library users and volunteer staff! Full details of the draw, with the names of the winners, are published by means of notices in the Library, in the Totley Independent and Dore to Door community magazines, and on the winners page of our website.

To enter, please collect a form from Totley Library, complete it and return it either to Totley Library or by post to Chris Cave, 96 Abbeydale Park Rise, Sheffield S17 3PF. Your allocated numbers will be entered into the draw four weeks after our receipt of the completed form.