5 year celebration event

Library members, members of the community, volunteers, Trustees, in fact anyone was invited to the 5 year celebration of Totley Library being run by a hard working group of volunteers. Events took place in the library and in the grounds outside to entertain, amuse, refresh and encourage more to join. Many people did in fact join us and a very enjoyable time was had. Local author and poet Sally Goldsmith even wrote a poem based on the comments that had been received about the library and what goes on here. See below…


The door slides open
on this community’s beating heart –
“Totley library – wow!”
Still here? How?
We stood up, planned,
out of despair took hope

and look – new books,
more than a hundred volunteers!
“Hats off” to gardeners, cleaners,
bright paint, disabled loo,
fresh carpets and computers too.

Take Wednesday mornings – “a buzz” –
kids gluing, singing because
you can come with your mum,
“for colouring in and making stuff”,
Gruffalo, Peepo, Dogger, Tom Thumb.

The coffee morning, walkers gather,
dicky legs and hearts no matter,
set out half ten, then back again
for tea, coffee and biscuits too.
“All hail those cakes, the refreshments crew!”

“Remember the plant sales, whole place busy?”
“The day I got dizzy and lay on the floor?”
“That Christmas and the mummers’ play?”
“The lovely care home escapee,
how we gave him a cuppa and called him a taxi?”

“Can’t do without it – most days I’m here.”
There’s book group, yoga, French and craft,
now local painters can show their art,
film nights – ice cream, Mama Mia,
Stan and Ollie acting daft.

So whether you’re 9 or 92,
Totley Library still welcomes you!

This poem was written by Sally Goldsmith, using both written and verbal responses from local people. This was on the occasion of the 5 year celebrations of the Library’s voluntary status.