• We are now open all day Wednesdays
  • Craft Activitues for Children
  • Totley Library is offering again access to Findmypast and the British Newspaper Archive
We are now open all day Wednesdays

We are now open all day Wednesdays

Three computers and the printer/photocopier are available.

Computer sessions must be booked in advance by ringing the Library during working hours on 0114 2363971.
We continue with our Covid precautions to keep our Customers and Volunteers safe.

When you visit the Library please wear a face mask, observe social distancing and bring your Library card.

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Win Cash Prizes and Support Your Local Library!

Win Cash Prizes and Support Your Local Library!

Running Totley Library costs over £24,000 per year and the grant we receive from Sheffield City Council doesn’t cover our costs. To help keep the Library open, we launched the Totley Library Lottery in 2016 and since then over £8,000 have already given out in prize money. For every monthly draw, 25% of lottery income is allocated as the prize fund, with the remaining 75% supporting library running costs. Lottery numbers cost £1 each. The average 1st prize is £100 and the 2nd prize is £25 and the draw takes place on the last Friday of each month at the Library. Pick up a leaflet at the library and complete the enclosed form if you’d like to participate.

Totley Library Cinema, October - December 2021

Totley Library Cinema, October - December 2021

Totley Library cinema is restarting in October!

Totley Library Open for Browsing

Totley Library now open on Saturday

Library opening times :

Monday  2 pm  – 5 pm

Tuesday 10 am – 1 pm

Wednesday 10 am – 5 pm

Friday  10 am – 1 pm

Saturday 10 am – 1 pm

On Wednesdays the library will be open all day – 2 pm –  5 pm

Whilst we have been closed we have been busy purchasing lots of new books and you will be able to check out our best sellers, and current hot topics. We have a great selection of new children’s books to help them with their understanding of COVID.

Book Fines

Sheffield City Council has extended the exemption on council book fines until 31/12/21. Totley Library is doing the same for Totley Loans (Orange Sticker books). Please note that this does not apply to overdue fines that were owed pre-pandemic (before March 2020 lockdown), lost books will also incur charges.  

Summer Reading Challenge 2021

Summer Reading Challenge 2021 starts on the 19th of July

Sign up at Totley Library for our Summer Reading Challange

Read four books of your choice during the summer holidays and choose one book from our Children’s FOR SALE section FREE of charge.

Collect a sticker for each book that you’ve read and add it to your collector’s folder.

You’ll receive a certificate and limited edition pin once you’ve completed the challenge.

Suitable for children under 11 years of age.

Happy reading!

Support our local businesses

Shop and eat local to support the local businesses in our community that have helped local charities over the years. Throughout December, there will be free raffle tickets circulating between the listed businesses for a chance to win one of 14 fabulous prizes. The prize draw will be held on the 23rd of December by the one and only Cllr Colin Ross.

Good luck to all!